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Genius IT Solutions brings to the table a rich, varied and enviable experience in technology and banking domain through its promoters, who are renowned world over for their premier position in their respective fields of business.The firm has provided services to a number of leading entrepreneurs of Rajasthan.All of our team members have several years of expertise developing customized, fully integrated systems in a variety of industrial standards. Some of our team members have worked on software projects for industry leading firms. In addition, Genius IT Solutions has a well-managed administrative support staff to assist in meeting your needs.We are custom-build to client specific requirements. We have proven to be able to react quickly and to adjust to any changes or additions thrown at us during the course of a project. Genius IT Solutions believes in offering the finest standards of training that is constantly updated and adapted to the changing global scenario. Our training is geared towards ‘increasing employability’.All courses are developed with input and approval from companies in the I.T., Banking, Telecom and Manufacturing industries Emphasis on bridging the ‘industry-academia’ gap. Therefore there is a keen focus on industry related projects thus developing a directly employable workforce.Our business continuity plans are based on the need to protect professional staff, computing infrastructure, and intellectual property in order to help our customers remain in business through any contingency. That includes provisions to ensure the mobility of professional skills along with fully redundant communications backbones and computing infrastructures.


Thanks for the great job your company did for us, Your fast response and efficiency, made all the changes we requested made our working with you a great experience.

Mr.Pawan Pandey - MD, GIS

The guys at Genius IT Solutions are fantastic, and it is all about the leadership from the top. My computers rarely have problems, and the techs I interface will seem to be able to solve any problem. They just build that trusts at last.

Mr.Lalit Kumar Badiwal - HR, GIS
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Web Development

Genius IT Solutions is a professional web development company offering custom web application development services which are aimed at offering our clients with web solutions that fit their business process requirements.

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Computer Hardware

Genius IT Solutions provides you computers with sophisticated technology with new and advanced computer models. Hiring a PC provides you computers with descent configuration that you demand at affordable prices.

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Sicurity Systems

Whether you run a small business or manage the operations for a large international corporation, you can count on Genius IT Solutions's support resources to help you make IT work as cctv camera, attandance machine, Fire Alarm, Access Control, .

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Training & Consultancy

Our training programs target the gap between current knowledge or performance and desired knowledge or performance.Genius IT Solutions assists clients with the analysis, design and evaluation of training programs in .Net development and server knowledge.